Oct 29, 2017 by Andrei Calina

The Bitcoin market has seen a huge growth in the last years, in users, transactions, companies, open-source projects, press coverage, cultural references and of course the price. But, most importantly for those looking to make a name for themselves, in the need for trained individuals, especially developers, says CoinDesk.

There aren’t enough developers out there for a hot market like Bitcoin, and this position are really hard to fill. Every company that has to deal with cryptocurrencies try to do their best to get all slots occupied, yet have to admit that they cannot recruit anywhere near the number of developers they need.

A huge opportunity that shouldn’t be ignored

And it’s quite an enormous disadvantage to miss skillful individuals, because these companies have considerable revenue and customer growth. Drafting a local blockchain expert has become a struggle, and it sometimes as hard as finding a Game of Thrones episode without any deaths.

But the lack of skill is not the only reason why companies wish that a developer fairy would pop on. The Bitcoin price rise means that many developers simply don’t feel the need to work thanks to the gains on their Bitcoin holdings. This is probably the only downside of a huge increase in the price of cryptocurrencies.

Developers aren’t interested in becoming employees

Plus many developers would rather start their own companies then to work for someone else, even if this means time and money sunk in a new project. This happens when too much success becomes bad for business, developers can’t be persuaded not even with enormous bonuses.

To program blockchain applications, you need to be fearless, because messing up may lead to losing money.

This year at Scaling Bitcoin, in addition to a conference, Dev++,  which is led by the Bitcoin Edge Initiative, will train up to 100 developers to become more familiar with blockchain concepts.