Nov 23, 2017 by Andrei Calina

Bitcoin Gold wanted to return the cryptocurrency mining to all folks owning a computer, but thus far only managed to cripple users who wanted to claim their share of the newly created digital currency. More than $3.3 million has been stolen as part of an elaborate scam that involved Bitcoin Gold and people’s naivety, informs CoinDesk.

It all happened on a website called, where users were encouraged to submit their private keys or recovery seeds as a means to generate Bitcoin Gold wallets. Sadly, after they completed the requirement, they were stripped out of their cryptocurrency holdings.

Huge amounts of cryptocurrency were stolen

At least $30,000 in Ethereum, $72,000 in Litecoin, $107,000 in Bitcoin Gold and more than $3 million in Bitcoin have gone missing. The victims quickly began to blame the official Bitcoin Gold project for associating with the website.

“I reached this site by following the link at [the] official website so I trusted it. Yesterday afternoon I noticed both my BTC and BTG stored in that wallet were gone,” said Mikel Martin, one of the victims.

And people are right to be angry on the Bitcoin Gold team, because they indeed promoted on their Twitter account. However, they did include a disclaimer that users shouldn’t share private keys.

The main suspect, a part of the BTG community

The website was developed by a user named John Dass, a man, to an extent, ingratiated in the nascent BTG community, including its Slack channel.

Edward Iskra, spokesperson for Gold, said that an investigation is under process and that they’re trying out to figure how to remedy the situation. He confirmed that John Dass is responsible for the whole mess, but affirmed that while Dass was in the Bitcoin Gold Slack channel with a “developer” tag, he was not a part of the project’s formal team.