Dec 18, 2017 by Andrei Calina

Even though the cryptocurrency market is currently dominated by Bitcoin, which keeps breaking record after record, there are a few other currencies which deserve some attention as well.

Take Litecoin, for example. Despite losing the luster it gained after forking from Bitcoin and becoming the world’s second cryptocurrency, it’s still among the first, in terms of market cap.

The founder, here to make it big

According to International Business Times, back in December 2013, Bitcoin was worth around 28 times as much as Litecoin, but things changed nowadays and the latter is sitting at number 5 in the top market cap list. But there’s something happening out there…

Earlier this year, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee got back in charge, after leaving for Coinbase a few years ago. Over the past month, the coin started going up once again, but at a slow pace. On the other side, coins like Dash or Ripple, as well as newcomers like Cardano and EOS grew way much faster, thus attracting more interest.

But things eventually changed…

When it comes to cryptocurrency, even the most ridiculous thing can influence the price. In Litecoin’s case, it was a tweet sent by Lee, who announced that he’s now planning to focus more on the PR and marketing of the currency.

Besides this, Steam also announced that they won’t support Bitcoin payments anymore, due to big transaction fees. And you’ll never guess which coin they accept now!

In just one week, its price went from $100 to over $300, which is a 200 percent growth. And most of this is due to Lee’s actual promotion of his most precious project. But it won’t stop here, as there are very big chances for the cryptocurrency to skyrocket by the end of the year, reaching even $1,500 by December 31st. And the growth could continue…

Do you think that owning a Bitcoin will start losing its attractiveness and people will be more preoccupied about Litecoin, in just a few weeks? Let us know your thoughts, using the comments section below.