Feb 28, 2018 by Andrei Calina

Like most cryptocurrencies, Ripple is also the subject of numerous rumors, with a big impact on its price. However, this last one, if it becomes reality, could take the price of an XRP token to new heights.

According to a report from Cryptoglobo, citing multiple sources, Ripple would have already signed an agreement with Google Pay for a new payment system. This wouldn’t be the first partnership the company establishes, but it could be the one with the highest impacts.

More than $10 for a token in 2018?

If until the end of 2017, analysts were predicting that an XRP token could reach $10 by the end of this year, a partnership with Google could take it way beyond this value.

Ripple already made a name for itself, after partnering with companies from emerging markets, but if a deal with Google would be closed, the coin will focus a lot on emerging markets such as Brazil, India, or China. Here, the Android-based payment technology is more likely to be adopted by smartphone users, as it’s way more affordable than Apple Pay, Google Pay’s biggest rival.

Currently, the technology behind XRP is being implemented by several important financial institutions. Recently, the company signed partnerships with MoneyGram, Western Union and a couple of big names in the banking sector, like Santander. And if they keep going in this rhythm, it won’t be long until Ripple could be the engine of the global financial system. Obviously, this would result in a huge XRP price.

Experts claim that if this presumed partnership with Google Pay will indeed happen, the price of an XRP token could reach at least $600.

Benefits for both sides

Over the past years, Google has invested a lot into targeting emerging markets from the same areas where Ripple is concentrating, so offering fast and affordable transaction, all over the globe, could be beneficial for both sides. Basically, both companies offer technologies which complement each other, so we don’t see why this partnership won’t happen somewhere in the near future.