Apr 3, 2018 by Andrei Calina

Even though it’s been present in the top 10 for a while, investors and enthusiasts are still looking forward to that moment when Litecoin will finally explode and become the next big thing.

Launched a few years after Bitcoin, it’s quite similar to the market’s biggest crypto coin, but there are actually a couple of things Litecoin offers and make it suitable for nowadays’ investors, users, and traders.

Should we splash some cash on LTC?

According to CryptoRecorder, the coin is now growing at a relatively fast pace and it’s getting closer to Bitcoin. Specifically, at the time of the writing, it’s trading at $133.27 per token and has a market cap of almost $7.5 billion. Considering this, it’s pretty obvious that this is the moment to buy some, at least while it’s still cheap since this is not an opportunity to miss.

But why is it worth investing? Well, Litecoin is using a proof-of-work-algorithm, but ASIC resistant and friendly with both CPU and GPU miners. Besides, it’s much faster and scalable than Bitcoin, not to mention the security of the network.

Another important reason keeping the coin on the radar is the launch of Litecoin Core. The network made sure that users kept believing in the digital asset, while the price managed to remain above $100. This is nothing else but a sign of stability as a cryptocurrency, something which you don’t see that often nowadays.

Exchanges prove that Litecoin is still worth it

LTC is – obviously – listed on some of the world’s most popular exchanges, including Gemini, the one founded by the Winklevoss twins, where it’s ranked 5th. The more users come in contact with, the more the price could grow if interest is shown.

Finally, let’s not forget a very important aspect! Like many other coins, Litecoin lost a lot over the past weeks, but the drop was actually lesser, while the recovery was quicker. Let that sink in for a while and think very well of this asset, if you’re planning to invest. It has very big chances of going…big.