Apr 10, 2018 by Andrei Calina

After they announced the banning of cryptocurrency-related ads, Twitter sent its users into a real craze over the weekend, after the @Bitcoin account, run by an anonymous user, was temporarily suspended.

According to The Verge, the account was taken over by a user who claimed to be Turkish, then by a Russian, but, eventually, the initial owner got it back on Monday afternoon, but the effects of this were visible, looking at the account’s stats.

No additional details were given

“We do not comment on individual accounts so nothing to share,” a Twitter spokesperson declared when asked about the suspension. “That’s some bullshit if you ask me,” the user behind @Bitcoin tweeted. “I’d like to know why my account was given to someone else, and then when it’s reinstated I’m missing 750,000 of my followers.”

Initially, the account had more than 821,000 followers, but they eventually disappeared. However, Twitter is taking all the required measures and slowly restores them.

Obviously, this suspension, which came all of a sudden, triggered a lot of conspiracies in the Bitcoin community. The @Bitcoin account is known for the support it offers to Bitcoin Cash. The coin was founded by a group of both developers and miners, as well as other members of the community, who split off in August 2017, duplicating the blockchain behind Bitcoin.

Finally, one of the most important figures suspected of hacking the account is Bitcoin Cash supported Roger Ver. He claims that he has no connection to this at all, though, and that it “is owned by someone involved in Bitcoin since 2009.”

Is this a revenge act?

Considering that the relationship between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is far from being the best, it is suspected that the people on the Bitcoin Core actually caused the suspension, by falsely reporting the Twitter account for spam or harassment. Still, this is not the first time this happens.

In January, one Twitter user called on others to report the account, claiming that it’s fake. Some members of the community responded to this, while others objected, saying that the owner of the account is free to tweet whatever he or she wants.