May 12, 2018 by Kyle

More and more people are interested and even invest in cryptocurrency nowadays, so it was just a matter of time until the first e-debit card for crypto was released. According to a report from Crypto Glone, Energi Mine, a UK-based blockchain energy company announced that it’s planning to bring a new kind of e-debit card for its consumers in the United Kingdom.

A new way to spend?

The company signed a deal with FuzeX, a global cryptocurrency card provider, in order to allow users to view and, of course, spend their tokens as they would a normal debit card.

Besides enabling users to check out their other credit and debit card balances, the e-debit card will also allow them to spend Energy Mine’s cryptocurrency, known as EnergiTokens (ETK). As a side note, ETK token can be earned by saving energy, through a variety of environmentally friendly behaviours, like purchasing energy-efficient fridges and fridges, to relying on low-carbon public transport.

The card has the same size as a regular one and it’s also EMV compatible. The latter means that consumers can use it normally, while making checkouts in local currencies, as they would with any other card. However, the main different is that payments with this e-debit card are automatically debited from the user’s cryptocurrency balances, which can be checked using the e-paper display on the card, right before spending.

Energi Mine CEO, optimistic about the new project

“FuzeX’s proposition to increase cryptocurrencies’ utility as an actual currency by enhancing its real world usability leaves the door open for expansion across a huge range of markets and territories as cryptocurrencies continue forging a path into the mainstream,” said Omar Rahim, when asked about the future expansion plans.

“The partnership with FuzeX and Energi Mine highlights this, as the FuzeX card enables ETK holders to access their token with ease and spend them however they wish. With mass adoption of ETK firmly on our agenda, we see this partnership playing a pivotal role,” he added.

It will be very interesting to observe if other companies are willing to follow this example, which can – at least for the moment – be considered absolutely revolutionary.