May 15, 2018 by Kyle

The past two days were excellent for anybody who invested in privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Zcash, as it managed to go seriously app, after an announcement about being listed on Winklevoss’ twins exchange, Gemini, in the near future was made.

Starting with May 22, investors will be able to trade Zcash, a coin which leverages bleeding-edge cryptography, in an attempt to offer users a high level of privacy, through this exchange, says a report from Forbes.

Significant gains through the last few hours

Zcash, which trades under the ZEC ticker symbol, managed to reach a maximum of $378 today and it’s still trading close to this amount at the time of the writing. Considering that there are still a few days left until the listing on Gemini will be completed, we’re looking forward to seeing it going even higher.

At the current level, the digital currency was up more than 50% from yesterday’s price, of $247.25. Obviously, the increase took place after Zcash’s price movements were somehow mild for a big part of the past week.

Investors and not only, optimistic about the future

“Zcash being added by Gemini is a big move for the crypto,” said Charles Hayter, co-founder and CEO of digital currency data platform CryptoCompare. And he’s not the only investor who believes that big things are coming.

A similar point of view was shared by Iqbal Gandham, UK managing director for social trading platform eToro.

Gemini is definitely a special exchange, being part of a select club of exchanges which list just a few crypto assets. Basically, when they add a new asset, it’s instantly viewed very well by the investors and enthusiasts, as they show that the coin managed to gain the exchange’s trust, but also means that the asset will surely experience greater liquidity in the near future.

Each time a currency’s liquidity grows, it means that it’s less risky for anybody interested in investing in it, not to mention that it attracts greater interest. And Zcash could be the perfect example to illustrate how this works!