May 21, 2018 by Kyle

We’ve reached a point in which cryptocurrencies are a real phenomenon, so a lot of companies are trying to launch their own coins or tokens. We can say that the market is now loaded with ICOs or TGEs, we can still come across some very interesting projects sometimes, with a lot of untapped potential. One of them is Restart Energy Democracy – or RED – and its multi-purpose MWAT token.

What’s a multi-purpose token?

Going a bit into details, RED is a blockchain platform, designed by Restart Energy, an energy-providing company based in Romania, which also happens to have the fasters growth tracking in the European Union. But this isn’t the only reason why the token can go big.

Besides being able to trade it on the exchanges where it’s present, the MWAT token is actually backed by real energy. Each one of them holds the equivalent of 0.11kWh, but this value could seriously grow by 2023, reaching 13,13kWh. Basically, the tokens act like virtual batteries which owners can spend or sell. What for? Well, pay their energy bills, for example, if they chose Restart Energy as a provider.

Start your own franchise

Finally, holding a lot of MWAT tokens can also turn you into a franchiser. This is something you don’t see that often and it’s one of the main reasons that made us investigate this token a bit.

Once RED will finish developing the platform, each MWAT will give owners the possibility to buy or sell up to 1,000kW worth of energy per month. If anybody gets at least 10,000 tokens, they can start selling energy in their city or residence. The more they have, the bigger the territory on which they can trade.

Restart Energy hopes that by 2023, they will be present in 45 countries and have more than 14,000 franchises open. This translate to about 9 million customers all over the world and a revenue of $3,78 billion. And this is far from being bad, isn’t it?