May 26, 2018 by Jake

A big part of Ripple’s current reputation is based on rumors about potential partnerships with banks or other payment processors. The latest – even though it’s referring to a specific processor – can have the same impact on the coin’s price!

According to CryptoRecorder, an anonymous source claims that there’s a possibility of Amazon accepting Ripple as one of the payment methods for its products. Despite what others may think, it’s not weird at all to see a pretty big company linking itself to a cryptocurrency, since this happened many times in the past. Sure, we’re all looking forward to seeing if the coin has the technological potential to be accepted by the biggest retailer in the world, as well as whether there are actual confirmations that this rumor will turn into reality.

Does Ripple have a hidden potential?

There’s no doubt that XRP is a powerful token, as it’s already being used by companies like American Express, Master Card, while banking giant Santander is relying on it for payments.

Therefore, it’s not that hard to believe that Amazon could introduce it as well, but not very soon, as few more details need to be clarified. As a side note, there have been some rumors about Apple considering the possibility of using it as well, but this is less likely to happen.

Until now, Amazon’s name wasn’t mentioned by Ripple, so we do have our reasons to be skeptical regarding this possible deal. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time when such an important company is linked to the world’s third cryptocurrency, in terms of market cap.

Why all the buzz around the coin?

The main reason why these rumors are launched and even taken seriously by many is that XRP has some advantages over Bitcoin, for example. As a form of payment, it comes with advanced technological capabilities, being able to process payments in just a few seconds, with the lowest fee possible. This would be seriously appreciated by Amazon.

Besides this, it can be said that it has a level of stability in the market, looking at the price, which is rising up slowly. Still, this doesn’t mean that it’s immune to the market’s volatility and could crash, but, overall, it’s a more stable asset.