May 29, 2018 by Kyle

Despite not being able to go above $1.00 for the past months, Ripple managed to establish itself as one of the biggest cryptocurrencies on the market, especially after establishing some serious partnerships with big names in the financial industry.

Still, over the past week, the Internet was flooded with announcements regarding even bigger deals, which could finally take the price higher, as a lot of investors are expecting. Therefore, we’re wondering if XRP is on the verge of registering a huge growth.

Two major listings were announced!

One of the factors that contributed to all the hype created around Ripple was the announcement made by Apple, regarding the listing of XRP into the Stocks App. Apple revealed this a few days ago, offering users ten fiat trading pairs, as well as two cryptocurrency trading pairs with XRP, according to Stocks Gazette.

Besides this, Ripple was also added to Revolut, alongside Bitcoin Cash, due to ‘overwhelming demand’ from its customers. Revolut is one of the most popular startups of the moment, offering digital banking accounts that allow users to hold, exchange or perform peer to peer transactions.

As a side note, Uphold also announced completing Ripple integration. For those of you who are not familiar with it, it’s a rapidly growing exchange platform, offering over 1500 trading pairs and 9 different ways of purchasing assets, including bank transfers, exchange, debit and credit cards.

XRP goes to Hollywood!

As Ripple is currently going mainstream, it also received a donation in XRP from Ashton Kutcher, valuing $4 million. Obviously, this got the token even more media attention, emphasizing its potential.

This donation, made during Ellen DeGeneres’s Show has proven that RippleNet can be a payment option for the future. Specifically, the transaction was a cross border one, made to Ellen’s Wildlife Fund in Rwanda, being completed in less than 15 seconds, with a small token transaction fee. What better way to enter mainstream media than this?

We will be keeping a close eye on Ripple’s XRP, as it’s obvious that it has everything it needs to go big, even though trading at a low value now!