Jun 9, 2018 by Jake

After the entire Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, people became more and more concerned about their personal data and how it’s used. Unfortunately, a lot of them still share essential information online and have no idea about where it goes.

Opiria, which can be called one of the most interesting blockchain-based projects we’ve seen lately, will soon launch a platform where people can offer their data in exchange for real money. And the best part about this is that you can easily track where your data goes and who will actually use it.

See exactly where your data goes

We’re talking about a global decentralized marketplace, for secure and transparent buying and selling of personal data. Whether you want to trade your email address, information about your body or shopping preferences, you will be compensated through Opiria’s platform.

Therefore, you can create a passive income stream by sharing such information, as you will be rewarded with the company’s PDATA tokens for all types of info you’re selling.

They’re planning to actually democratize the brokerage of personal data, in a secure, lawful, fair and transparent way, using blockchain technology and the principle of choice. As mentioned above, you get to choose to which company you want to sell your data.

According to Entrepreneur, the company’s CEO, Dr. Christian Lange recently gave an interview for Nasdaq, alongside Doug Anderson, CEO of Wall Street Capital, and host Jane King, CEO of LilaMax Media, Nasdaq MarketSite’s number one broadcaster.

“Opiria is a shining example of a crypto offering stretching out to a new marketplace, with a great management team that has the fundamentals and serious clients,” Anderson said.

Big names in the game, interested in Opiria

The company considers personal data as the oil of the 21st century and already has a working product, not to mention their collaborations with Fortune 500 companies such as Mercedes, Nissan, Audi, or BMW, as all of them have used the platform until now.

We’re very curious to see how this project will evolve since it’s definitely a different and innovative approach of personal data trading, but also which big companies will use Opiria’s product.