Jun 12, 2018 by Kyle

A few days ago, we were reporting about Opiria, a global decentralized marketplace, where people can trade their data in exchange of PDATA tokens. Apparently, besides the Fortune 500 companies they have been working with in the past, there are more big names interested in the data exchange platform!

Opiria’s CEO, Christian Lange, was recently in the United States, where he gave an interview for Nasdaq, hosted by CEO of LilaMax Media, Jane King, being accompanied by CEO of Wall Street Capita, Doug Anderson, according to Entrepreneur.

The start of a new partnership?

What’s very interesting is that Mr. Lange posted a couple of images from his trip to the United States on his Facebook account, one of them being taken at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View.

Christian Lange visit

According to an inside source, Opiria’s CEO has been in talks with Google for a while, as the search engine giant could be planning an acquisition of the data marketplace.

It appears that the main reason behind this acquisition is Google’s desire to improve their AdSense platform. Specifically, using data provided by Opiria, the ad serving system would be seriously improved, but also add more diversity to their payment system, by supporting publishers.

Obviously, this would be huge for Opiria, as their presale is expected to start in less than four days. With the entire Facebook and Cambridge Analytics scandal still creating panic among people concerned about the safety of their data, a potential acquisition would also be excellent for Google, helping them be one step ahead one of their biggest competitors, in terms of data protection.

Google, looking forward to expanding its array of services?

As a side note, we’re talking about them trying to build a platform already used by names like Procter and Gamble, Audi, Freightliner, Mercedes Benz, General Motors, Volkswagen, Nissan, Intel, or BMW, meaning an opportunity to extend their business to a new domain.

We will be back with more details regarding this topic, as soon as anything official comes up, from any of the sides involved in this.