Jun 23, 2018 by Jake

Even though the prices are far from the ones registered in January for one token, Ripple is growing steady, announcing partnership after partnership, while they are also looking forward to being listed on exchanges.

One of Ripple’s main targets is Coinbase, where XRP has yet to be listed, but CEO Brad Garlinghouse is almost convinced that this will happen any time soon.

Coinbase could profit a lot from a listing

According to Ethereum World News, citing a report from Fortune, he basically called on the exchange saying that they would profit a great deal by listing XRP tokens of the platform.

“As we solve problems at scale for institutions, I think it’s in Coinbase’s interest to participate in that.”

As a side note, Ripple is now the third-rank cryptocurrency, based on market cap.

As mentioned above, the company managed to sign strategic partnerships with several banks from all over the world. Their real-time gross settlement (RTGS) blockchain technology can be used by financial institutions, completing payments in less than 3 seconds. And this is faster than any current existing cryptocurrency.

Back to the initial issue, despite all these, Coinbase, who otherwise features the top 10 coins and many more, still doesn’t list Ripple, while Ethereum Classic, for example, is expected to be featured soon. Just think that the coin founded by Garlinghouse has a higher market cap than the coins currently on the exchange’s radar.

And to think about it, they were so close…

Previously, it was rumored that the exchange was ready to list Ripple, but these were just speculations. Back in March, Coinbase issued a statement, saying that it would only list cryptocurrencies that have been cleared by the regulators as not being securities.

Therefore, all this reluctance regarding listing XRP on the exchange is created mostly due to the absence of clarity in this case: is the token, in fact, a security?

Recently, both Bitcoin and Ethereum were cleared by the SEC as currencies and not securities. As for Ripple’s status, there’s a continuous debate in the cryptocurrency community, which could continue for a while.