Jul 2, 2018 by Kyle

In most cases, after one coin is listed on Binance, the trading volume manages to explode, generating a lot of hype around it, while people are questioning its real potential. The same thing happened with Selfkey, one of the most unpopular cryptocurrencies, which managed to become one of the most trending digital assets, in just a few days.

Definitely a surprise for investors and not only

According to CryptoGazette, after accumulating some serious gains and reaching record heights considered impossible given the state of the cryptomarket, there’s no doubt that this coin is attracting a lot of interest.

Selfkey is currently one of the biggest gainers on the market, over the last week, but still, this doesn’t mean that it has what it takes of becoming the next cryptocurrency sensation.

Just a few days ago, it was considered a simple digital asset, on a huge market. Still, everything changed after the listing on the biggest digital exchange platform of the moment. Binance made the announcement on Twitter, triggering the ‘madness’.

The timing was perfect

Selfkey’s listing came perfect, as they have also launched their identity wallet just two days after the Binance listing. This results only in more growth for the digital asset. The wallet is designed to help users manage their digital coin and digital documents for free.

Specifically, they can store a wide range of documents, with high security levels, like passports, driver’s license, bank documents, bills, ID details, or, obviously, cryptocurrencies.

Basically, any type of document can be safely stored on the wallet, but you can also put KEY tokens, ETH, as well as other ERC20 tokens. Even though the project is now in its beta stages, it looks very promising and had a great impact on growing Selfkey.

Finally, let’s mention that just before the listing, the value of a token was anything but impressive, with its value somewhere between $0.006 and $0.008, but it registered a growth of 417.39%. Still, the decline began and we’re curious if they are able to sustain all the trading volume.