Aug 30, 2018 by CR Team

It appears as though the adoptation of cryptocurrency is growing among the younger demographic. As reported on CCN, a majority of U.S. students want to take up a course on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and twice the country’s average own cryptocurrency.

According to a recent nationwide survey of 675 students conducted by digital currency exchange Coinbase in partnership with Qriously, 18 percent of students said they own cryptoassets, while a quarter of them said that they would definitely take a cryptocurrency or blockchain-centric course.

A review also found that cryptocurrency and blockchain courses are finding a place among world’s top 50 universities. Among the top 50 U.S. universities, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report, 42 percent offer at least one course on blockchain and crypto-related studies, while 22 percent provide more than one class.

The survey has found increasing interest for such courses among a wide range of students. 47 percent of social science major students said they were interested in learning about crypto, as did more than 34 percent of students from computer science and engineering majors .

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