May 11, 2021 by Andrei Calina

Elon Musk once again managed to impact the price of Dogecoin, as he published a poll on his official Twitter account this Tuesday, asking if Tesla should accept the token.

It didn’t take long and the price of DOGEUSD started rising, once again confirming its current status, as the no. 4 most-valued digital asset in the world.

Fans were quick to respond

The poll received 2.3 million votes and shows that 77% of respondents would be interested in paying for a Tesla with Dogecoin. Of course, it’s difficult to say if all those who voted are genuinely interested in buying a new car with cryptocurrency or just wanted to play their part in pumping the token.

From many points of view, what Elon Musk did is not exactly a surprise, as he is known for being one of the most vocal supporters of Dogecoin. Also, in the past weeks, some of his remarks contributed to the coin’s over 10.000% surge in 2021. Basically, he managed to completely transform a coin created all the way back in 2013, considered by many a joke, since it’s based on a meme, into a social-media-driven top cryptocurrency.

Was Musk trying to fix what he broke?

Shortly after the poll was posted on Twitter, many followers commented that the Tesla founder isn’t actually serious but trying to fix a bit the whole situation he created, following his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Elon Musk talked about cryptocurrency during NBC’s comedy sketch show and it had a negative impact on Dogecoin, in particular, taking it to a 24-hour low of 42.04 cents. Therefore, it somehow made sense that he once again tries to pump its price, as one token is trading at 0.52 at the time of the writing.

Tesla already accepts Bitcoin at selected venues and it’s highly unlikely to see them accepting Dogecoin somewhere in the near future.