Aug 22, 2021 by Andrei Calina

It appears that one more name is planning to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, at least according to a few eager eyes, who managed to spot a job landing. We’re talking about Walmart, as the company is currently looking for a cryptocurrency project lead!

Earlier this week, a job post on the company’s website, which was removed in the meantime, was reading that they are looking for somebody responsible for developing the retailer’s “digital currency strategy and product roadmap,” alongside identifying “crypto-related investment and partnerships.”

A new token, in the works?

As expected, the news sparked a lot of rumor, with crypto enthusiasts believing that Walmart is thinking of developing their own token. However, this is less likely, as introducing new payment options could be way more plausible.

This hypothesis is supported by the job listing itself, as it states that the candidates are expected to “provide the leadership to identify technology and customer trends and the investments needed to build on those trends”, adding that the retailer “enables a broad set of payment options for its customers”.

On the other hand, we believe that Walmart is actually trying to find a leader able to identify investment and partnership opportunities within the crypto world, but also be in charge of specific projects, related to blockchain assets.

Following Amazon’s steps

As expected, the job listing managed to generate a lot of hype, as it comes less than a month after Amazon posted an announcement for a similar position. This can only mean that a lot of fortune 500 companies are considering consolidating their efforts when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Shortly after the news about Amazon’s job requirements broke, a lot of investors believed that the company is planning to accept crypto payments – and the same thing is already being discussed about  Walmart – but it turned out that they aren’t planning to do it, at least for the moment. However, this move only confirms that we’re facing a new trend among the biggest companies int he world!