Sep 16, 2021 by Andrei Calina

Dan Markham, known for creating the seven-million subs YouTube Channel What’s Inside, announced that he has traded his Tesla Roadster for a non-fungible token (NFT) a few days ago.

Yes, a car for an image

The car, estimated to be worth “a quarter-million dollars pretty soon”, was given in exchange for an NFT of a “positive porcupine,” created by the VeeFriends project, was owned by Eli Burton, the artist behind the graphic novel The Adventures of Starman.

…and the trade was indeed confirmed, through a tweet, by the previous owner.

“Looking back on this in one year, two years, three years from now it could be a monumentally dumb decision but it also could be a great decision,” the happy owner of the NFT said.

“I think these cars have a lot of value for a long time and I do believe in NFTs.”

Eli Burton revealed that he was actually planning to sell his digital art for more than $100,000 before receiving the offer from Markham. Also, trading it for the Tesla Roadster was “as simple as supply and demand”, considering there were 10,000 of the tokens available, each of them valued for a starting price of $60,000. As a side note, VeeFriends has 40 different porcupine NFTs, with various backgrounds.

“There’s almost no difference as far as the money perspective goes by having it – whether it’s in a collectible car or a collectible NFT – it’s still collectible,” Markham added.

To hodl or not to hodl?

Even though the swap was made on the blockchain, the trade was actually carried in the real world, as Eli Burton received both the paper title and the key to the Tesla. As for the porcupine NFT, it’s currently listed on OpenSea, the highest bid being 16,339 Wrapper Ether, which translated to around $56,000 at the time of the writing. However, the new owner is now planning to keep the NFT, as he can use it as a ticket for an exclusive VeeFriends token holders conference.