5 ways to accumulate crypto at little to no cost

If inflation is hitting you hard, here are 5 ways to accumulate crypto at little to no cost. Since the market is already over 70% down, this is probably the best time to enter and exploit it.

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5 ways to accumulate crypto with little to no cost


 If you happen to have cryptocurrency already, there’s a chance you can stake it and earn rewards on it. There are two models to validate cryptocurrency transactions: by computer processing power Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS), in which the people holding most of the coins become the validators. Staking works on the second type of coins, which uses the Proof of Stake model. Binance Smart Chain picks the top 20 BNB holders to become validators and for every successful transaction made, earns stakers a reward in the same coin.

Even if you don’t own that many coins, you can join a staking pool and earn according to your staked amount. Since you are giving away your funds to someone else, make sure the platform is valid.


P2E and GameFi:

What could be more exciting than playing your favorite game and earning cryptocurrency from it? In classic games, players have to buy in-game assets, skins, and other upgrades. However, these players don’t actually own anything. If the game decides to shut down the servers, players can’t claim anything. Players have to spend money on every game, and those expensive game avatars and weapons cannot be used outside the game –  and, of course, most of these players earn nothing.

Play-to-Earn P2E blockchain games incentivize players, who can earn cryptocurrency for playing and winning games  Moreover, all the in-game assets are NFTs. For instance, your gun in a shooting game is an NFT. You can upgrade your weapon and lend it to other players and earn interest, use it in other games, or even sell it in an NFT marketplace. If you are winning the game, you’ll get crypto tokens as game points.

Crypto side gigs:

Freelancing is a very practical side gig that can help you earn. In India alone, there are 150 million freelancers. People are willing to pay cryptocurrencies (the best-case scenario) for  crypto-related services – otherwise you can buy crypto with the fiat you get.

Crypto Referrals:

Crypto projects spend huge amounts on marketing to spread the word about their projects. If you have a good online presence and think that you can convince more people to buy a project, a referral is the best thing you can go for. New exchanges and projects offer huge referral rewards for people to get users. You’ll usually be assigned a referral code, and whosoever signs up can use this code to give an incentive.

Proper due diligence in vetting a platform is necessary and you have a moral responsibility for the people you ask to follow you. Make sure you don’t lead them to a dead project or a rug.

Airdrop Hunting

Airdrop hunting is very beneficial if you get lucky and get your hands on a good project. This is a part of marketing just like a referral program and lets people engage with their project and promote it to get rewards. Tokenomics of almost every crypto project have a dedicated supply for marketing and airdrop. These projects usually require an easy task to become a part of their airdrop like following on social media sharing and liking the post or tagging more people to gain the project more exposure.


You can find projects that have already taken place and check them for upcoming airdrops. In this way, you can have an idea about the legitimacy of the airdrop and reward amounts and the way how people succeeded in claiming the rewards. Just set reminders for the next airdrop and complete the tasks and earn crypto for absolutely zero cost.

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