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Navigating the crowded world of crypto exchanges can be confusing and intimidating. Crypto exchanges are essential to  buying and selling digital assets, acting as online brokerage platforms that provide the right tools to deal with cryptocurrencies, but a faulty crypto exchange is open to cyber-attacks that may compromise users’ assets, and unregulated exchanges are subject to government bans.   Here’s how the top five crypto exchanges in the US measure up:

Best Crypto Exchanges: Coinbase

Coinbase is the biggest regulated cryptocurrency exchange in the US, with 146 listed assets. Coinbase is at the top of the list because it has a trading volume of more than $20 billion only in the US. 

Coinbase is available in more than 100 countries, but it stands out for offering a user-centric easy-to-use interface with advanced security. US dollars are also accepted for buying crypto assets like BTC, ETH, SOL, ADA, and many more. The security of the firm has never been compromised. Coinbase offers two user interfaces – one for beginners and the other for professionals. Among the reasons Coinbase has made it to the top of this list:

Users can use debit/credit cards to buy digital assets 

Beginners find a simple, easy to use, and reliable platform

Users can use Coinbase pro for advanced trading tools

Coinbase offers wallet services to securely store your assets

Best Crypto Exchanges: FTX

A regulated crypto exchange famous for crypto derivatives is available for the users that want to utilize leverage options. More than 60 crypto assets pairs are available. Over a million users in the US are using this exchange to leverage top-notch security, advanced trading features, low fees, and liquidity. 


takes the credit for developing the world’s first crypto index futures. Users can benefit from the ups and downs of a certain index through a futures contract. This exchange also provides an opportunity to its users to reduce the gas fees of transactions by staking its token. The firm has also developed an NFT marketplace where users can enjoy innovative technology like NFT.  Among the pros of this firm:

The platform is famous for adding new crypto asset pairs regularly. 

No margin for opening a long or short trade with 3X leverage.

Users can utilize 101X leverage on a lot of trading pairs

Reliable security with no hacks so far and an easy-to-use interface.

Best Crypto Exchanges: eToro

One of the best-suited platforms for entry-level users to buy cryptocurrencies in the US and many other countries is eToro. The firm provides an easy-to-use interface with many digital currency pairs. Instead of transaction fees for trade, eToro uses spread. Market conditions decide what the spread will be. The spread for each crypto asset is different. eToro’s fees are very low compared with the top exchanges like Coinbase. This exchange has an interesting user interface for market-related news, research, latest tools, and many other functions. A particular feature that makes the trading profitable is that users can mirror their trading performances. 

Beginners have the opportunity to filter out traders with the same portfolio to set the risk to reward ratio, ROI, and risk tolerance. Stop loss options keep the users safe from liquidation.

Best Crypto Exchanges: Kraken

Based on the traffic on the exchange, trading volume, and liquidity Kraken stands in the top 5 crypto exchanges operating in the United States. Except for New York and Washington, this exchange is regulated and licensed all over the USA. However, iInvestors and traders from the US aren’t allowed to trade in futures.

Kraken has more than 54 crypto assets listed and users can utilize this platform to buy digital assets such as BTC, LTC, USDT, and many more. A lot of DeFi tokens such as COMP, KAVA, and KNC are also available. Beginners can ask other traders to manage their portfolios using advanced tools. People can also use staking for reliable and simple passive income. Kraken uses a unique taker and maker system for spot trading fees:  the taker is charged 0.16% and the maker is charged 0.26%. 

Best Crypto Exchanges: Gemini

Gemini is a popular and regulated crypto exchange firm with a license from the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) that allows it to work in the US.

A Simple, easy to use, and reliable platform offers many services like wallet, custody service, mobile trading app, and top-notch security. Gemini has worked hard for years to maintain its status as a firm that handles crypto assets with high security and can be trusted. Gemini has collaborated with the biggest companies in the world such as TradingView, Nifty Gateway, and Samsung. Gemini may be the safest crypto exchange for crypto-enthusiasts. Top-notch encryption, two-factor authentication, and many more features make this platform suitable for crypto dealings.

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